Ecologist Edward O. Wilson has famously stated that he doesn’t want to be pessimistic about the future of the world, but he can’t ignore scientific evidence. Ecologists are now predicting that up to half of life on Earth will go extinct by the end of the century based on current rates of extinction.

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This is a new science fiction/literary novel that uses current science to predict a devastating future, culminating in a last-ditch attempt to evacuate the human species from Earth and colonize a distant extrasolar planet.

This novel follows three main characters through time and discovers the ways in which their lives are intertwined. The ecologist Zara Dimitrov is jaded by the loss of her father as she battles environmental degradation through research and aggressive lobbying. Mashechka McGuigan lives in a suppressed society whose sole purpose is to fulfill the Mission for Humanity in which humans endeavor to abandon ecologically-devastated Earth. Astronomer Patrick Nelson works to help as much of humanity as possible survive the mass extinction event, and ultimately travels to the Sahara Desert to write this book as a time capsule.

Killing Juggernaut employs scientific evidence and societal trends to look back from the end of this century to see what happened.