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“Mournful, prophetic power.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This could very well be the future of our planet. With the overuse of our natural resources and the destruction of the habitats of various species, I am disheartened to think that we are headed in this direction… it is incredibly realistic. The development of the characters keeps the novel from being buried in scientific and technical jargon. This novel is highly recommended reading.”—

Killing Juggernaut is an intelligent and thought provoking read that transports us to the worst version that our world can turn out to be.”—

“Revealing, engrossing, and hard to put down,
Killing Juggernaut is just the ticket for sci-fi readers who want a pointed observational piece on the survival (or demise) of humanity.”—Midwest Book Review

Killing Juggernaut is a solid piece that really holds to a high standard against its peers in all dimensions... a wonderful delivery, superb characters, and it’s especially recommended to eco-warriors or even deniers who want to see what a simple fiction can do to your outlook on our planet.”—Self-Publishing Review